About Will of Fire

Welcome to Will of Fire, a Feenix Warsong (x12 xp) private server guild!

The guild is sadly put on hold for now due to IRL problems among the officers.
The guild might be rebooted later, but for now those who are in the guild, feel free to find other guilds, we wont be focusing on the guild and progressing atm.
Thanks for your understanding and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we need to sort some stuff out in our lives first before the game and guild.
/Nazgul and Tinkerbellqt

We are a friendly and social guild aiming to do raiding in World of Warcraft Vanilla, Blizzlike from Feenix.
The guild was founded by Tinkerbellqt and it is still in the early stages, but we hope soon to be able to do some progress in the old school vanilla raids and have fun while doing so.

Oh, and we are also into PvP, so if your lust is in that area we can help you aswell, although to some extent since raid progress is the main goal at the moment.

And remember to vote on www.wow-one.com/vote for VP's to get new gear!

Again, welcome to Will of Fire and vanilla WoW! Hope to do some raiding with you and the guildies soon!

For new and old members, how to apply to the guild!
- Make an GuildLaunch account and verify it.
- Login and press "Apply to Guild" in the top left cornor, the form does not have to be filled out.
- An officer will accept your application soon.
- When this is done and you are accepted in the guild, go to your profile page, under characters make a character with your ingame name, class, spec ect. (on test server) and bind/add that character to the guild. Now it should show under "guild roster".

If you got any questions, /w Nazgul

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